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G.W. Dummer Conceives The Integrated Ciruit

History records that the integrated circuit was invented by Jack Kilby of Texas Insruments and Robert Noyce of Fairchild Semiconductor who had the idea simultaneously in 1958. What is not often mentioned is that a radar expert from Britain's Royal Radar Establishment conceived the idea of the integrated circuit six years earlier.

G.W. Dummer published a paper in 1952 proposing that electronic components be connected by a solid block of materials, thereby eliminating the need for connecting wires.

Dummer created a prototype of his idea but, when he debuted the chip, it didn't work. Dummer did not receive the support he needed to continue his research. This setback opened the field for Kilby and Noyce to "invent" the integrated circuit years later.

Regardless of who got the credit (and patents and royalties), for the invention of the integrated circuit, it was the ingenuity of G.W. Dummer that allowed for the miniaturization and impressive speeds of our modern computers.

The future that could be created by Dummer's insight might look something like this:


· The first fully articulate, independent thinking. artificially intelligent computer is produced. Jacob Hamner develops a prototype for an artificially intelligent computer that not only identifies and solves simple and complex problems, it also constantly reprograms itself to "learn" new things. This computer needs no keyboard. It "hears" what you say through microphones hidden in its chassis. Hamner's prototype understands language the way it is spoken conversationally . It can answer with an all too human voice in over 30 languages.